Texas History

A History of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. in Texas

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. was founded at Howard University in Washington, D. C. on January 9, 1914 by three collegiate African-American visionaries; the Honorable Founders Abram Langston Taylor, Leonard Francis Morse and Charles Ignatius Brown. On March 4, 1915, Professor Herbert L. Stevens, who was a recent graduate of Howard and professor at Wiley College, became the first graduate member to be initiated into Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity. Under the tutelage of Founder Taylor, Professor Stevens was tasked to lead the effort to charter the fraternity’s second chapter, Beta, at Wiley College in Marshall, TX on November 13, 1915. This was very significant and historic because Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity became the first of all nine Black Greek Letter Organizations to establish a chapter in Texas, the first south of Virginia, and the first west of the Mississippi River all with the chartering of Beta.

In 1920, Bro. Stevens became the National Vice-President of Phi Beta Sigma and then earned that office again in 1924. In 1926 he helped establish another collegiate chapter, Pi, at Huston College in Austin, TX and also helped establish the first Texas alumni chapter, Beta Beta Sigma, in San Antonio.

In 1927 Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. expanded into four Regions and the National Vice President role became what we call Regional Director today. Texas started in the Western Region then later transitioned to the Southwestern Region. The two Regional Directors (or National Vice Presidents) from Texas during that time were Bro. Walter E. Johnson (1934-37) and Bro. A.A. Braswell (1942-44).

Texas chapters that were formed during those times that are active today are: Beta at Wiley College (1915), Beta Beta Sigma in San Antonio (1926), Omicron Sigma in Dallas (1933), Alpha Alpha Sigma in Beaumont (1933), Alpha Beta Sigma in Houston (1934), Alpha Theta Sigma in Fort Worth (1939), Beta Delta at Texas Southern University (1945), and Alpha Zeta Sigma in Tyler (1946). In 1946 the regions were reformed prompting Texas to become the first single state region called The Lone Star Region. In 1974 the Gulf Coast Region was established to include Texas and Louisiana. As a result, The Lone Star Region was dissolved, leading to The Lone Star State being organized. The first Lone Star State meeting was held on April 14, 1974.

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. National / International Presidents from Texas:
15.George Flemmings (1955-57); 21.John Westberry (1974-76); 32.Paul Griffin, Jr. (2005-09).

Regional Directors of the Lone Star and Gulf Coast Region from Texas, (1947 to present):
LSR: 1.R. L. Hopkins; 2.C. L. Moore; 3.George Sutton, II; 4.Arthur D. McNeal; 5.George Sutton, II; 6.C.Y. Thomas; 7.Cleophus Gee; 8.William Nicks, Sr.; 9.John Westberry; 10.Lewis Engram.
GCR: 1.Lewis Engram; 2.Frank Hawkins; 4.Alvin McNeil; 6.Ell-Roy Stevenson; 8.Paul Griffin, Jr.; 10.Theoplis Woodard; 12.Reginald Tyiska; 14.Theartis Ammons; 15.Edwin Miles; 16.Howard Redmond

State Directors of The Lone Star State (1974 to present):
1.Luther Mitchell; 2.Joseph Phillips; 3.Steven Lee Kendricks; 4.Edwin Miles;5.Morris Overstreet; 6.Edwin Miles; 7.David Moore; 8.Johnnie Young; 9.Alfonse Hubbard; 10.Sherman Roberts; 11.Emory DeBose; 12.Richard Evans; 13.Johnnie Sandles; 14.Theloniaus Peugh; 15.Shawn Lane; 16.Edmond Cordova; 17.Ramsey Cooper; 18.Doralo Fuller